It can be hard for me to put into words just what that shift felt like to me.  I know how easy it is to fall into feeling as though you have just made too many mistakes to recover from.  It is common to feel as though you aren't worthy of good things, because of the "bad" things that you have done or experienced.  If I had allowed it, I would have certainly allowed myself to get trapped in the depression, loneliness, fear, and frustration.   But do you know what I learned to do?

Well hey there, beautiful friend! I am a firm believer that people ALWAYS come into our lives for a reason, and I am so glad that you are here. 
My name is Anita, and I am a personal "re-development" coach for women who are navigating life while trying to make some changes. I look at things in a bit of a different light than a lot of people; I believe that life struggles have ultimately been very good for me!
I imagine that I should explain that a little more!  

I would say that I have been through a wide variety of things in my life. I come from a broken family and then blended families as a child, with dysfunction scattered throughout. I have had an unplanned pregnancy, financial strain, marriage and divorce, custody battles, some pretty bizarre dating experiences, and relationship addiction. However, a few years ago, there was a noticeable shift in my life that changed everything.

About Anita-lyn Coaching

I learned how to make a CHOICE. 

Every moment, every action, every about a choice that we make.  When someone upsets us, we choose whether we will react in anger or not.  When we are faced with a tough situation, we choose how we are going to respond to it.  When we experience disappointment, we choose to sink into sadness about it, or to acknowledge and move forward with what we have learned.  Just think about that:  it's all about the choices that you make.

It can be difficult to change your approach, to learn new ways to make better choices.  My goal is to help others who need a bit of a hand up, particularly those who are experiencing difficulty with relationship addiction, codependency, low self-esteem, and self-limiting behaviors.  I will help to guide you while YOU do the work.  We will use strategies and techniques that I know truly help...because I have used them myself.